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[2014-11-07 15:24:40]
A control system, a strong brand -- "strong"
XXX jewelry after ten years of rapid development and brand accumulation, has established a domestic jewelry industry famous brand position. In order to enhance the brand highly better, group in the World Trade Center (Beijing) established by the leading domestic brand planning team composed of brand management and control center, at the same time, the formation of foreign industry's top brand research team in Losangeles American. Provide intellectual support and resources integration platform for high-end strong brand management and strong planning ability so Beijing team and Losangeles team strategy forward thinking to the group's overseas market expansion. Brand system design and construction closely so and so "golden quality" as the core concept group strong.
In two, and joined the business and win-win mature operation mode -- "winning"
XXX jewelry brand operation for more than ten years, has been committed to the two or three line of the city in the domestic exhibition industry development, to ensure that the franchisee profit, to join the early Shang distribution to adhere to the "consumer guide, the principle of concern in moderation", must not mislead the franchisee irrational to take the goods, not pressing the franchisee; relying on a strong bank team, so and so in the industry's first explore suitable for domestic two or three line of the city and county economic environment requires the brand and win-win mode of operation and market planning mode; so ten years of professional experience in media advertising investment cooperation, greatly reduces the franchisee investment risk, ensure the franchisee to quickly recover the investment cost, truly grow and join to achieve a win-win situation, "to benefit the world" brand philosophy.
Three, accurate and powerful advertising support, "quasi"
As the domestic jewelry industry famous brand XXX jewelry, self erected annually in the media advertising invested heavily in. As CCTV strategic partners, so and so spend a huge amount of advertising investment sponsored by CCTV "Avenue of stars", the "final", "very 6+1", "echo loud" etc. pack trump card column; so in the main local TV advertising on more are countless; a world-class fashion pageant of the world model contest also see XXX jewelry ads. input. Group so intensive accurate advertisement direct potential customers mind, determined the goal customer heart "to buy jewelry, preferred someone" loyalty purchase idea. In order to better cooperate with franchisees do regional market development, so there are invited to the domestic first-line star as a brand spokesman, advocate "happy series" commercials by CCTV, each big TV, network video broadcast platform, germinal huge impact force in the vast number of customer groups, the rapid try for each franchise store performance. Certain systematic advertising strategy terminal will have "Fuwanjia" brand philosophy is deeply implanted in the brain and heart of potential customers.