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[2014-11-07 15:24:40]

The basic requirements

Passion for natural crystal jewelry business, is willing to actively invest; recognition of our business philosophy, to obey the headquarters management, actively cooperate with the headquarters of the operation of the market, have a certain market operation and management ability. With city mainstream department store counters or high-grade commercial street shops; there are certain financial strength with the headquarters of market development.

Shopping requirements

Location: one, the second tier cities mainstream shopping centers, department store, or high-end commercial street shop.

Area: shopping malls counters, Nakajima cabinet of the utility area of not less than 15 square meters; ark of edge length of not less than 7 metres,

Independent street, store utility area of not less than 25 square meters.

Image: counter and props for image design unified by the headquarters, and headquarters for specified by manufacturer


Funding: counter a total investment of not less than 400000 yuan, the total investment of not less than 500000 stores.